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Zoe Rosenfeld: New York is a sucked orange | Video

Zoe Rosenfeld is the author of the Shebooks novelette Owl in Darkness, a literary gem about a woman with maddening writer’s block. Listen to Zoe Rosenfeld’s carefully crafted lecture given during the tour of the NTUSA’s Chautauqua about the draw that New York has had, and continues to have, for artists of all stripes.

New York is a sucked orange. Emerson said that almost 150 years ago and he meant it a bit more subtly than it sounds taken out of context. But let’s face it; it’s true. Everything has been done, thought, written, performed, handled, pissed on before you ever got here….


Watch the video to hear the rest:

Zoe Rosenfeld at the NTUSA’s Chautauqua! from Matt Kalman on Vimeo.

Check out Zoe Rosenfeld’s Shebook, Owl In Darkness.

Owl in Darkeness