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Hope Edelman and The Possibility of Everything

Shebooks is proud to publish Hope Edelman’s latest memoir, Boys Like That: Two cautionary tales of love, which centers on Edelman’s teenage propensity for “bad boys,” in the wake of her mother’s diagnosis with cancer. Edelman is the internationally best-selling author of Motherless Mothers, Motherless Daughters, and The Possibility of Everything.

Learn more about Hope Edelman—watch the video trailer for The Possibility of Everything, a memoir about her journey to Belize in search of a cure for her daughter’s seemingly imaginary ailments. Very powerful!


Partial transcript:

 This is the story of a little girl with a BIG imagination, a father with an open mind and a sense of adventure, and a mother whose mission it is to keep everyone happy and safe. That’s me. My name is Hope, and this is my family.

We live in Topanga Canyon, California, the alternative-living capital of L.A., with neighbors who raise chickens and tortoises and celebrate the solstice. My husband believes in destiny, karma, and several other concepts that keep my eyebrows perpetually raised.

My three-year-old daughter believes in fairies and monsters and an imaginary friend who accompanies her wherever she goes.

Me? I’m the family skeptic, a card-carrying member of the Church of the Senses. I have to see to believe.

But if you catch me at a low point—like the fall of 2000 when my daughter’s imaginary friend started getting dangerously out-of-hand—I can become capable of doing things I never would have dreamed possible. Because what mother wouldn’t do anything to help her child? Even if it means taking her deep into the rain forests of Western Belize….

Check out Hope Edelman’s Shebook Boys Like That: Two cautionary tales of love